Bitnet BTN

Bitnet for Businesses

A secure and affordable solution to accept payments

Get paid with zero fees

Merchant fees can place a heavy burden on many businesses, but unlike with credit cards and other electronic payment systems, with Bitnet BTN you don’t pay any fees when receiving money, and most wallets allow you to choose your transaction fees when spending.

No PCI compliance required

Accepting credit cards typically requires extensive security checks for PCI standards compliance and carries the potential liability that comes with handling sensitive information from your customers. With Bitnet BTN, this isn’t required, and you can be set up in less than 10 minutes.

Easy mobile payments

Bitnet BTN is compatible with a variety of wallets and offers seamless mobile integration. Payments can be made by simply scanning a QR code with your device’s camera. Bitnet operates 24/7, and payment settlements occur almost instantly.

Fraud protection

Almost every merchant has dealt with PayPal or credit card transactions that were later reversed, causing inconvenience and losses. Chargeback frauds harm merchants and penalize honest customers, creating a cycle of distrust. Bitnet payments, however, are irreversible and secure.

Quick settlement times

Banks and payment processors often take days to pay merchants for sales using their payment systems. When you get paid with Bitnet BTN, you receive your funds free of any constraints almost immediately.

Accounting transparency

Bitnet BTN provides unparalleled accounting transparency, as all transactions are permanently recorded on the blockchain. It’s ideal for monitoring and tracking funds for non-profits, public services, and other organizations.