Bitnet for Developers

A powerful protocol with a emerging community

Familiar programming languages

Bitnet uses Solidity in its smart contracts, and applications can be built in all major and most popular programming languages, such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue, C++, Python, Go, and many others.

Ethereum cross-compatible

Most dependencies and SDKs developed for Ethereum will seamlessly work with Bitnet. Regardless of what programming language you are using, you will be able to find compatible supporting code with ease.

Low hardware requirements

You can start developing on Bitnet with almost any computer at your disposal. The hardware requirements to run a Bitnet node are very low and any ordinary laptop or desktop should be able to handle it.

Resilient and decentralized

Bitnet is a truly decentralized and unbiased smart contracts platform. With its foundation in transparency and security, and as it has no central ownership, it is censorship-resistant and truly unstoppable, much like Bitcoin.

Low development and running costs

Connecting your application to the Bitnet network is not only cost-effective but also straightforward, ensuring that your project remains both affordable and sustainable for the long term.

Pursuing a vibrant community

The Bitnet community highly values decentralization and freedom of speech, emphasizing open collaboration, and warmly welcomes new applications and protocols on the network with enthusiasm.