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A Powerful Protocol with an Emerging Community

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Imagine being part of Bitnet BTN, an open source project that aims to become a key blockchain and financial network for everyone. As we explore new frontiers, your expertise could play a vital role in this transformative journey. Whether you specialize in blockchain core development, smart contract creation, dApp architecture, or other groundbreaking technologies, your involvement at Bitnet BTN could be pivotal. Explore the features and benefits that make Bitnet BTN a compelling platform for developers:

Familiar Programming Languages

Bitnet BTN supports Solidity for its smart contracts, and applications can be built using all major and most popular programming languages, such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, C++, Python, Go, and many others.

Ethereum Cross-Compatible

Most dependencies and SDKs developed for Ethereum will seamlessly work with Bitnet BTN. Regardless of what programming language you are using, you will be able to find compatible supporting code with ease.

Low Hardware Requirements

You can start developing on Bitnet BTN using almost any computer available to you. The hardware requirements to run a Bitnet node are very low and any ordinary laptop or desktop should be able to handle it.

Resilient and Decentralized

Bitnet BTN is a truly decentralized and unbiased smart contracts platform. Founded on principles of transparency and security, and lacking central ownership, Bitnet BTN is censorship-resistant and truly unstoppable, much like Bitcoin.

Low Development and Running Costs

Connecting your application to the Bitnet BTN network is not only cost-effective but also straightforward, ensuring that your project remains both affordable and sustainable for the long term.

Enhanced Token Standards

Bitnet BTN has its own contract standards, which consist of token standards that build upon widely recognized ERC standards, enhancing them with additional features and functionalities specific to the Bitnet network.

Simplified Token Creation Process

The BTS20 and BTS21 token creation process on Bitnet BTN is streamlined to just two lines of code, emphasizing simplicity and making it highly accessible for aspiring token developers.

High-Compliance Token Standard

Bitnet’s commitment to innovation is evident with the BTS-HCE token standard, designed for high-compliance scenarios, showcasing its dedication to integrating digital currencies into various sectors.

Core Values and Community

Bitnet BTN’s community adheres to core values that guide our decisions and beliefs. We value decentralization and freedom of speech, fostering open collaboration and welcoming new innovations.