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Available Explorers

Below you will find available block explorers essential for navigating the Bitnet blockchain ecosystem. Currently, there is one block explorer accessible, serving as the first tool providing users with insights into the Bitnet network.


Bitnet Block Explorer

How Explorers work

A block explorer is a crucial tool for anyone engaging with a blockchain, offering a user-friendly interface to view transaction histories, check wallet balances, and analyze network statistics. It simplifies navigating the blockchain by allowing users to easily search for specific transactions and examine block details, providing valuable insights for both newcomers and experienced users alike. Moreover, by making blockchain activities transparent and accessible to everyone, it not only fosters trust and integrity in transactions but also enriches users’ understanding of the network’s operations.

More Explorers needed

Bitnet needs developers to implement additional open-source block explorers to support the Bitnet ecosystem. This will enhance network resilience, promote innovation, and ensure greater decentralization and accessibility. If you have the skills and passion for blockchain technology, setting up and maintaining a block explorer can significantly contribute to Bitnet’s infrastructure, offering a valuable resource to the community.

Non-Affiliation Notice

The block explorers listed on this website are developed and maintained by independent entities. There is no affiliation or official connection between the operators of this website and the developers of Bitnet or the maintainers of the listed block explorers. Users are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence. Please consult the Legal Notice for additional guidance.