Bitnet BTN

Bitnet for Individuals

A fast and affordable way to transact globally

A decentralized financial ecosystem

By using Bitnet, you gain automatic access to an increasing range of protocols and the myriad benefits they offer, from decentralized trading to high-yield savings accounts. Unlike Bitcoin, other currencies and applications can live and thrive within this network.

Redefining digital security

Bitnet uses cryptography to secure the network and Bitnet addresses. The only way for anyone to access your funds is with your private keys. Keep them safe, and neither passwords nor bank accounts can be compromised, ensuring your funds are more secure.

Easy mobile payments

Bitnet is compatible with a variety of wallets and offers seamless use on mobile devices. All payments can be made with a simple scan-and-pay using a QR code and your device’s camera. Bitnet is available 24/7 and processes payments almost instantly.

Global transactions with low fees

With Bitnet, you can send money globally while paying just a fraction of the fees charged by traditional financial institutions. This streamlines global payments and empowers users to optimize their finances.

Quick settlement times

No matter where your transaction counterparty is located, Bitnet ensures swift and seamless transactions. With settlements finalized in just a few seconds, it stands out as a superior payment method.

Optional anonymous transactions

Bitnet allows pseudonymous transactions, with none of your personal information being recorded when you transact, giving users freedom and privacy. This ensures a level of anonymity unmatched by traditional systems.