Bitnet BTN

Bitnet Trailmap

A navigational guide through the future of Bitnet BTN

Defining Bitnet's Success

Bitnet BTN posits that Ethereum, despite its innovation and power, falls short of true decentralization — a point detailed in Bitnet’s whitepaper. In contrast, Bitcoin is lauded for its decentralization and role as a value store but criticized for lacking the technological sophistication and appropriate monetary policy to serve as an actual currency. Bitnet BTN aspires to achieve widespread acceptance as a currency, adopting a modest inflationary policy to encourage daily usage. Its built-in programmability is aimed at fostering the creation of both private and sovereign currencies within a secure, unstoppable network that naturally supports interoperability, accountability, and transparency with other currencies.

To realize these ambitions, Bitnet BTN must enhance its scalability solutions without forgoing proof-of-work. The goal is to match the speed of leading PoS networks without sacrificing security or decentralization. Expanding the community is vital to bridging the divide between BTN and traditional fiat currencies. Utilizing BTN as a currency is key, alongside fostering a highly liquid market to motivate merchant adoption across different regions. Additionally, strategies to incentivize the influx of new capital into the Bitnet BTN ecosystem are essential for ensuring its sustainability and growth, enhancing liquidity, encouraging wider adoption, maintaining competitiveness, and bolstering network security and decentralization.

Bitnet Trailmap Guidance

The concept of a trailmap, inspired by Dogecoin, moves away from the traditional roadmap to reflect a journey not dictated by a single entity. Bitnet BTN, a community-driven open-source project, allows every participant to shape its direction by contributing to the network and ecosystem. The protocol is built on core principles to ensure decentralization and prevent dominance by any single individual or entity. Community contributions are judged on their merits, with the community’s adoption and usage guiding Bitnet’s path. The trailmap outlines the community’s goals and projects, categorized and evolving in parallel with the protocol. These objectives may adapt as Bitnet BTN grows, welcoming new users and fostering discussions about its future.

Category 1

Awareness & Education

Category 2

Technology & Ecosystem

Category 3

Marketing & Outreach

Category 4

Framework & Integration

Bitnet Community Projects

You can contribute to existing projects within the Bitnet BTN community or propose new ones. As a free and open-source initiative, Bitnet BTN is inclusive of everyone, be it developers, designers, or enthusiasts. Your contributions offer a chance to influence Bitnet BTN’s future, engage with our expanding community, and enhance your comprehension of Bitnet BTN’s evolving significance in the blockchain space.




Bitnet Core Client

Bitnet’s core client is primarily written in Golang. This repository is home to the heart of Bitnet’s tech. All contributions are welcome, particularly those centered on speed and scalability enhancements, virtual machine upgrades, mining and algorithm refinements, GraphQL and pre-loaded subgraphs for token and NFTs indexing, as well as node and storage optimization.

Bitnet Desktop Node

The aim of Bitnet’s desktop node is to make setting up and maintaining a node more accessible for non-technical users, thereby reducing the entry barrier for those not tech-savvy and further promoting network decentralization. This accessibility fosters a more diverse network, ensuring the Bitnet network remains robust and truly decentralized in its infrastructure.

Whitepaper Translation

There’s an ongoing effort to translate Bitnet’s whitepaper into various languages, and any community member can pitch in. All guidelines and directions for submitting your contribution can be found on Bitnet’s GitHub repository. By making the WhitePaper available in multiple languages, we aim to make Bitnet’s vision and technology accessible to a global audience, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity.

Bitnet Developer Wiki

We are compiling a comprehensive document library for developers who want to build on Bitnet. Contributors need to write clearly and legibly. They should also be familiar with Bitnet’s core code or the Geth implementation. Having a centralized repository of knowledge helps streamline development processes, ensuring that developers have the resources they need to innovate effectively.

RPC Node Expansion

This suggested project focuses on enhancing Bitnet’s network by increasing the number of RPC nodes, crucial for processing transactions and queries quickly. By adding more RPC nodes around the world, the aim would be to improve network speed and reliability for users globally. Contributions to this proposed initiative support keeping Bitnet decentralized and robust. Guidance for participating is available on community channels.

More Block Explorers

This recommended initiative seeks to enhance Bitnet’s network transparency by increasing the number of block explorers. Hosting explorers across different entities strengthens data reliability and ensures redundancy, keeping transaction and block information accessible at all times. This effort would reinforce Bitnet’s dedication to decentralization. Details on participation are available via community channels.