Bitnet BTN

Bitnet Wallets

Third-party wallets for Bitnet and Web3 interaction

Software Wallets

Below are the software wallets that support Bitnet BTN and provide Web3 interaction. It is essential to select one that matches your requirements for security and usability. Additionally, to enhance safety, always ensure your wallet’s software is up to date and that you have securely backed up your private keys.

Metamask Wallet

Hardware Wallets

Below are hardware wallets for Bitnet BTN and Web3 interaction, with some requiring MetaMask for compatibility. Proper configuration is essential, and you can find setup instructions on the MetaMask website. To transact with BTN, ensure the Ethereum app is selected on your device.

Wallet Configuration

For most wallets, you’ll need to manually add the Bitnet BTN network as a custom network. This process typically involves entering specific network details into your wallet to connect to and interact with the Bitnet network. In MetaMask, for example, navigate to “Settings,” then “Networks,” and select “Add Network” to get started.

You’ll be prompted to enter various parameters that uniquely identify the Bitnet BTN network within your wallet, ensuring that your transactions are correctly processed on the Bitnet BTN blockchain. Use the network parameters below to complete this process efficiently and correctly:

Network Name: Bitnet
Chain ID: 210
Currency Name: Bitnet
Currency Symbol: BTN
Explorer URL:

After entering the network information provided, your wallet will be configured to interact with the Bitnet BTN network. If you encounter any issues during this process or have questions about using the Bitnet network, consider joining the Bitnet BTN Discord community. Within the community, you can find assistance and tips from experienced Bitnet BTN community members who are happy to help newcomers. This is a great way to get real-time support and to connect with others in the Bitnet BTN ecosystem.

Know the Risks

Please note that the management and security of cryptocurrencies, including BTN, through software and hardware wallets, involve risks. Before selecting a wallet, evaluate its compatibility with your security needs and technical expertise. The reliability of wallets and related tools listed here cannot be assured, and the operators of this website are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the creators or developers of Bitnet BTN nor the providers of the listed wallets or tools. The website operators shall not be held liable for any financial losses, data breaches, or damages. Please consult the Legal Notice for additional guidance.